Can't connect keepassxc to firefox

I re-installed firefox as flatpak and it is still not connecting, when i try to connect i get this error on the keepassxc extension : Key exchange was not successful.
I installed both firefox and keepassxc as flatpak. What am i doing wrong ?

You don't have keepassxc configured for Firefox.

Connecting to native messaging host org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser keepass.js:1003:13
Failed to connect: Unknown error keepass.js:979:13
Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.

so the issue was keepassxc was enabled for chrome but not firefox...

so I guess, change this to... maybe handle this error and give more helpful error message. Perhaps... "KeepassXC is not configured, please set it up in preferences > browser integration and make sure <browser> is checked" or something

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I found a way finally, but not with flatpak or snaps. I installed firefox from Mozilla builds like shown on their website : Install Firefox on Linux | Firefox Help

The deb package (also installed at the terminal by apt install firefox) may have been more useful since it reinstalls Firefox in the same manner it was. I'm not sure why keypass wouldn't work with it. Snap and flatpak (though less) can be problematic when interacting with the rest of the system.


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