Cant connect to hidden network (hidden ssid) tp-link wn725n zorin 16 OS 5.13.0-51 generic

Hi guys,

I have bought tp link wn725n usb wifi adapter and i cannot connect to hidden ssid. If I unhidden ssid on my router it works fine. I am using zorin 16 os. Maybe someone can help me with this? Thanks

I know how to connect to hidden network, but its not connecting, it says connecting failed. But its only to hidden network..

Thing is happening to me i use zorin 16 this TL-WIN725N usb adapter only connects easily in networks with the public SSID and not in hidden mode (sometimes it connects but it is very difficult).

When entering the password, it tries to connect for about 10 seconds and then it says "can't connect to network".

Sadly appears to be an issue with that dongle:

Yes, but maybe someone solved that problem.. I know that on windows it works perfectly.. so it's the software(drivers) problem, not the hardware..

Correct. Hardware built for Windows, not GNU/Linux! You'd have no issues with one of these:

Why hiding SSID is not secure:

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