Can't copy to NTFS partition

I dual boot Zorin 15.3 with Windows 10. I had a separate NTFS partition that both Zorin and Windows were able to read from and write to. I don't know why but now I can't actually write anything to the NTFS partition. Windows is not installed on the NTFS partition. I tried logging back into windows and shutting it down again, hoping that would work. I ran chkdisk on the drive (On Windows), it found and fixed a problem. I also defragmented the drive as a whole. Yet I still can't write to it. Does anyone have an idea what the culprit is and how to fix it?

I just happened to have Elementary OS on a Pen drive. I booted the live OS on it and I was able to write to the NTFS partition. So Zorin is the culprit here. What could be causing this issue since I didn't touch the permissions at all.

Thankfully I had a Timeshift snap from a couple of days ago so nothing is lost. Restoring the Timeshift snap fixed the issue but I was not able to figure out what the issue was.

In future, what you might try first is backing up your ~/.config folder by renaming it to something like .config-bkp or /.bak-config, then rebooting to set all configurations to default to test. If that resolves, you can begin restoring from the backup .config folder, teasing out the culprit and neglecting that configuration or setting from being restored.

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