Can't delete or copy files on old windows drives

I am running Zorin only. I used to have Windows 10. I have 3 Nvme SSD drives in my computer. Zorin is is on one drive and the other two contain Windows files that I saved from my old installation. I want to delete a lot of the files and save some on a flash drive for use on another Windows computer. Zorin will not let me delete, copy or move the old NTFS files. I believe Zorin marked the drives and files as read only. Is there a way to do this without getting to far into the weeds.
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For the folders/drives of interest: Right-click -> properties -> left-click permissions tab. Check everything is set to read and write.

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Some files can not be deleted as Zorin take ownership( famous you not the owner). Boot from live usb and see if you can get raid of them.

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