Can't download files over 4Gb

I have the latest Zorin Pro installed. I am trying to download an ISO file from M$. The ISO is 5.2Gb, the download fails at 4Gb every time. My installation is using EXT4 partitions.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be? I have just changed from Linux Mint to Zorin, there was no problem downloading the same 5.2Gb ISO in Mint.

Does it relay any kind of error when the download fails?
Like The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.
Are you downloading from OneDrive or a Cloud server?
Your download is set to go to ~/Downloads, correct?

Is it only that file giving you this trouble on Zorin OS, or does any file over 4gigs have this issue?

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Thanks for your reply. It just said download failed.

Well, now I'm properly confused :grin: I spent all morning on and off trying to download the file from Microsoft's Windows 11 download link without success. I just went back there and gave it one more try, and it downloaded perfectly, one copy to my Ext4 home partition and the second one to an NTFS partition. I have no idea what has changed since this morning

I was suspecting an error server side.

I was downloading directly from the Microsoft Windows 11 site.

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