Cant even install ZorinOS the normal way. Need a walkthrough

I do not see your bootloader anywhere on there...


Thats probably the problem, but i have no idea what to do.

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@Aravisian , now i get this problem

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That is exactly correct.
You need an EFI Partition of at least 512 megabytes for your bootloader.
I can only assume that your attempts are encrypting the drive wiped that existing partition.
You can install while using the LiveUSB

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi-signed

This is what happens when i do that:

Sorry... I was not clear and that tip jumps ahead to after you have the partition created and for Grub Install.

You can do this easily in your Disks app.
You want the EFI partition to be your Very First Partition.
I see in your screenshot - you have a small 1meg partition - that can be expanded and used.
In formatting, choose the EFI option.

Here are some guides to increase your familiarity with the Disks App:

When something is new and unfamiliar, it looks daunting. It becomes easy to think words like, "I can't do it." Or, a person might try to Blindly Attempt things.

You can do it. Remember that you are capable but it is okay to slow down and ensure that you follow the proper steps in the right order and not take blind swings.

Demystify what you are doing and what you are doing will start making more sense.


@Aravisian , thank you, looks like i got the hang of it, I'm not a dumb feller, haha. One issue though, I created the 512mb fat32 partition, but I want my OS partition to be 100GB, how large should I make the SYSTEM(ROOT) PARTITION & the Home partition?

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I recommend a bare minimum of 64 gigs... beyond that... it's your limit to choose.
Many users have Home on a separate partition. I don't. It's a good idea... just a matter of preference and how one does back ups is all.
If you opt to do as I do; your 100 gigs should suffice for home and root together assuming you do not install lots of games and movies and such.
Separately, give Preference To Root.
So if you are looking at 100 gigs, minus 64gigs; assign the Root partition to the 64 gig space and home to the 36gig space. And try not to get carried away downloading things. :wink:


@Aravisian , what target or directory should i tell "grub-install --target=x86_64-efi-signed"?

@Aravisian , I appreciate all your help. Let me know as soon as you can jump back into this & help me, I really need your help. Still running off a very slow Zorin USB boot haha :frowning:

The efi should be placed on /dev/sda1, not the device (/dev/sda) during installation. The grub. cfg file is normally in EFI/BOOT/ GRUB/ directory of the efi partition.

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I am sorry for the delay. I see @337harvey has answered your question.

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@337harvey , @Aravisian, but the EFI appears to in fact already be on /dev/sda1?

And what exactly should I put at the end of the command "grub-install --target=x86_64-efi-signed"?

This is only needed if Grub fails to install. Which is not yet the case - First, now that you have your EFI partition available and set up - I would recommend running Zorin Live USB.
Select the partition you wish to install to.
Let the installer run.
If it fails... We can then look into corrective action.

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@Aravisian , thanks, i already did install zorin into the 2nd partition after the EFI one recently. And I tried to boot it & it said, "no recognized operating system", it didnt work.

What is your BIOS Boot order set to?

SSD 1st, but when i press F12 i can choose anyways.

please follow this guide here to try fixing Grub:

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Thanks, I get this from the boot repair program:

Ok please see here for More In Depth on this issue:

It is now after 2am where I am - I need to lie down before I fall down.

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