Cant exec dpkg error code 100

Hi. It is happening this issue:
when I try to update (sudo apt-get upgrade) it shows me the following message:

root@gonzalo-Lenovo-G470:~# sudo apt-get upgrade
Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho
Creando árbol de dependencias       
Leyendo la información de estado... Hecho
Calculando la actualización... Hecho
Los siguientes paquetes se han retenido:
  linux-generic-hwe-20.04 linux-headers-generic-hwe-20.04
Se actualizarán los siguientes paquetes:
  bash bolt code curl dbus dbus-user-session dbus-x11 distro-info-data
  dnsmasq-base firefox firefox-locale-en firefox-locale-es
  gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-4.0 gir1.2-webkit2-4.0 gvfs gvfs-backends
  gvfs-common gvfs-daemons gvfs-fuse gvfs-libs iio-sensor-proxy klibc-utils
  libc-bin libc6 libcurl3-gnutls libcurl4 libdbus-1-3 libevdev2 libinput-bin
  libinput10 libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18 libklibc libmysqlclient21
  libnss-systemd libnss3 libpam-systemd libsensors-config libsensors5
  libsepol1 libsqlite3-0 libssl1.1 libsystemd0 libudev1 libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37
  linux-firmware lm-sensors locales networkd-dispatcher openssl rsyslog
  sbsigntool snapd systemd systemd-sysv systemd-timesyncd thunderbird
  thunderbird-locale-en thunderbird-locale-en-gb thunderbird-locale-en-us
  thunderbird-locale-es thunderbird-locale-es-ar thunderbird-locale-es-es
  ubuntu-drivers-common udev
64 actualizados, 0 nuevos se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 3 no actualizados.
Se necesita descargar 0 B/404 MB de archivos.
Se utilizarán 3.479 kB de espacio de disco adicional después de esta operación.
¿Desea continuar? [S/n] s
Extrayendo plantillas para los paquetes: 100%
Preconfigurando paquetes ...
Could not exec dpkg!
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (100)

It seems like an issue with dpkg, but shows a message that it's updated:

oot@gonzalo-Lenovo-G470:~# dpkg

No se ha encontrado la orden «dpkg», pero se puede instalar con:

apt install dpkg

root@gonzalo-Lenovo-G470:~# apt install dpkg
Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho
Creando árbol de dependencias       
Leyendo la información de estado... Hecho
dpkg ya está en su versión más reciente (1.19.7ubuntu3).
0 actualizados, 0 nuevos se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 68 no actualizados.

any idea about how to fix it?
thanks in advance

This is a strange issue... This post may help.

thanks. I'll try this, then post informing

Unfortunatly it couldnt be done.
I need to install the ar command and it involves using dpkg, wich is the issue : couldnt exec dpkg

Anyone knows if is there another way to extract the dpkgdeb files obtained from ubuntu?

Really, dpkg should not fail... While a repair attempt might be worthwhile if it is easy... It is also concerning that it failed at all. I wonder what type of disk corruption would also be involved.
If it is feasible for you... I would recommend backing up personal files and Reinstalling Zorin OS fresh. It just seems a safer bet.

Yes, i completely agree .
Thanks anyway for your help.

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