Can't find my network printer

Hello, I am new in IT world and I am being tasked on installing printer in Zorin OS core. However, upon checking here in the forum, when I try to add the printer, it cannot find the network printer, even I type the host name or the host iprl address. Your help regarding this is greatly appreciated.

Gday @Lloydivanjo , Welcome to the community.!
please run this first & show the result here.

lpstat -p

it@ITPC:~$ lpstat -p
printer CUPS-BRF-Printer is idle. enabled since Thursday, 16 March, 2023 02:11:04 PM
printer L360-Series now printing L360-Series-14. enabled since Tuesday, 21 March, 2023 07:01:48 AM
Connecting to printer.
printer L360-Series-6 is idle. enabled since Monday, 20 March, 2023 02:49:53 PM

Hello, here are the results when I try to run the command.

Ty, when you say network printer, is this shared with other machines.
Or is it via wifi or just a usb connection?
Looks like multi printers?

Hello, sorry for the late response.

After further research, it seems that I must use SAMBA since our host printer is directly connected to Windows 11 PC. Everytime I click on print test page, it shows me this status "Rendering complete". And also appears above that "Credentials is needed to print" something like that but there is no pop up appear in order for me to input my credentials. Then go to localhost:631/printers and shows me this message;


I only saw this in some forums, does this also affects my network printing?

Looks like your doing well, this video may help.

Keeps us informed.

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