Can't Find The Screenshot Shortcut

I use a shortcut key ...... usually Super/Shift ..... for taking Screenshot as my Logitech Wireless Keyboard K380 doesn't have a Printscreen key but when I went into System Settings/Keyboard/shortcuts/Launchers I don't see a shortcut to use for Screenshots .....

I think I remember that there is a way to make a customized one but I have no idea how to do it ..... as all my Cinnamon DE's before had one mapped out already .....

You can do so from Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts
Or tap the super key and type keyboard into the popup menu.

I think on Cinnamon, the command should be gnome-screenshot -a -c

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In Windows, iOS and Android...this keyboard uses, I believe, the FN+TAB keys for print screen. No idea if it works in Linux or not.

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My OS uses print screen.

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Thanks .... yes I had forgot about that it works great ..... :+1:

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Yes the default is the print screen key ..... however I'm using a second keyboard with my 17 in laptop which is pushed back on my table .... with the Print Screen key way up on the right had corner it is kinda inconvenient for me to use as it is an arms length away from my wireless keyboard .....

Thanks I found that setting but when I open any of the items on the left hand side none of them except "Launcher" would seem like it would work and it suggests that I enter a new key which I don't know how to do .....

Anyway Lou pointed out that fn + tab might work and it does ..... now to just get my camera sound back again I would be a happy little camper ..... :grin:

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Path: /org/cinnamon/desktop/sound

Switch on event-sounds enabled

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Thanks for that I just looked it up in Questions and Answers ..... guess who made the request ..... ME ..... guess who solved the problem ..... YOU ..... :grin:

Sound is really low with my volume turned all the way up on both my keyboards and in the task bar .... maybe there is a setting in Screenshots ..... I'll check

Or check system volumes with either




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Nothing in the Screenshot app settings but pavucontrol worked like a charm ..... the slide bar was turned way down .... my god your on the ball this morning ...... well morning for me that is ...... 8:30 am .... ZZZZZZZ

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