Cant format usb drive to exfat

I'm Unable To Format My Usb Drive To Exfat In Both Gnome Disk Utility And Gparted ExFat Is Greyed Out And When I Tried Formating Usb Drive To ExFat Using Terminal By Using Below Command

sudo mkfs.exfat -n Aditya /dev/sdb1

It Thrown Error

sudo: mkfs.exfat: command not found

Now What Should I Do

I assume you are booted into a Linux distribution running on your hard drive, correct?

Gparted or DISKS should allow you to format the drive to GPT. And choose an EXT4 partition. You say you want EXFAT, is there something wrong with EXT4? Is EXFAT only one greyed out like you said, but other partition options are not greyed out? Agian, I'd try EXT4.

If you can't format or choose other partitions, then the drive might be toast.

Again, this is all assuming you are NOT booted off of the USB drive that you are trying to format. This is all assuming you are booted off of your HARD DRIVE.

I say this because, you can't format a drive your booted off of.


Who Is Still Waking Up

there are some other file system also which are greyed out like btrfs and im not going for ext4 is not supported on windows so my usb drive will not work on it due to this i'm going for exfat because every os support exfat

What size is the USB? the exfat format has an upper limit.

usb is 8gb

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Well, that is not the problem, then. :wink:
Is the USB drive Mounted when you try to format it?

yes its mounted

Please unmount the drive, then try formatting it.

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unmounting the device didn't help

I am embarrassed. I missed something in reading your O.P.


sudo apt install exfat-utils

Then try formatting the USB stick when completely installed.

okay but there is nothing for which you have to feel embarrased we are human and it obvious we can do mistake after all these mistake make us better for next time

Well then I take some of the blame as well guys!

Think about it, why didn't I ask AdityaKirad if he had installed EXFAT Utilities? And those can also be installed with Synaptic Package Manager too. But I agree with Aravisian it will be faster by terminal command if you already have the window open.

With the utilities installed, then your system should hopefully manage the job.

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