Cant install 17 pro on Surface 4 laptop

Made a bootable usb drive ok, I think. When I try to boot from USB I get the windows (choose where to boot from, etc) that makes me think all is well but the PC just comes up in Win11 as if it never tried to boot from USB. This is a brand new laptop. Had to use RUFUS to make the bootable USB as Balena and the other one finished but only a very small amount of data on the USB stick. Tried 2 brand new USB sticks!!.
Help please!

First, ensure that Windows 11 "Fast boot" or "Fast startup" is disabled in Control Panel > Power. Next, ensure that Windows 11 fully shuts down.

Boot your PC and tap the appropriate F-key for your manufacturers make and model (If you are uncertain, you may need to search the web for it) for the Boot Order.
Or, in your BIOS / EFI Settings, set your boot order to USB as first on the list.

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