Can't install a driver for my printer

I can't install a driver for my printer canon LBP 2900B what should I do ?? I have tried almost everything

I did a simple google search on the printer and found this post. You may want to see if this works for you.

I usually stick with Brother printers/scanners as they have given Linux the best support over the years. Others, not so much

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How exactly are you trying to install the printer. Please be specific, we aren't mindreaders (yet) :wink:

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See this: printing - Canon LBP 2900b is not Working in ubuntu 20.04 - Ask Ubuntu
It points to source of Canon Printer Driver.

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sudo apt install mindreader.

Done :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Zabadabadoo's link is the solution. Personally never had an issue with Canon multifunction printers, you just have to download the Canon Linux drivers, just like Brother. I always prefer Canon to other brands on any OS.

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