Can't install chrome browser

I have downloaded google chrome browser from google's website and clicked the file but these appear:

then clicked on "Run any way" then it came on software store:

But I can't launch it.
I don't find it in 'all application' menu.

It should be available under Zorin menu > Internet. Not sure what went wrong. Sometimes it takes a bit for the menu to update so newly-installed applications show up.

Go to Zorin menu > System Tools > Main Menu application, then find the "Internet" category and see if Chrome shows up there and is selected.

If it is, a reboot should set things right.


No, it's not there

You can completely purge Chrome and start over. I had to do that once.

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uninstall chrome, then run sudo apt-get update && upgrade then try reinstalling it

after reinstalling

sudo apt purge google-chrome-stable

Then try to reinstall it.

If that still doesn't work, I recommend SRWare Iron... it's Chrome with all the corporate spyware neutered.
Download the .deb file to your desktop, double-click it, the Software application will pop up, click "Install".


try running these commands

sudo apt-get purge google-chrome-stable

sudo apt-get autoremove


sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

It also happens to me. But after restart, generally I can see Chrome in application menu. You can search in "Try to Search"

Hi there!

I know I am diverting from the above however do you need to have Chrome? Use an alternative such as Brave, Edge (built on Chromium), and so forth.

Google is so.... google these days.

Greetings from South Africa.


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Try to run it from terminal:


@IronMan any feedback for us.

Did you come right?

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it work from terminal command

what to do next?

Click on the new item, then create a launcher like this:

It worked. But why it doesn't show the icon?

I click on the icon and a new chrome icon appear everytime.

Open the file manager, press Ctrl+H, then navigate here:


You will find one file here with this name: alacarte-made.desktop

Open it and paste these two lines and save it:


If you see another "icon" line in the text, delete that line.

After that, press Ctrl+H again to hide system files again.

the command that i replied should install chrome. are u still facing issues?

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