Cant install windows and my usb is now read only please help

i've tried alot of ways to get windows back bc i didnt really like zorin os
but i failed all of the time bc i cant use rufus which im used to
and now my flash/usb drive is read-only, cant edit or remove whats inside it and i cant find anything on youtube or google to fix this problem :frowning:

If the USB stick is stuck in read only, I recommend completely wiping and formatting the drive. You can format it as exFAT.
They can get stuck in Read Only mode if there is a corruption in the files on drive.

Once the stick is formatted, you should have no trouble using any burner you want to create a Windows .iso to boot up and install Windows OS.

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So You don't have the Posibility to use a Windows PC from a Friend or Neighbor or so? Because I could tell You how You can make it on Windows with this Read-only Stuff.

Is on Your Read-only USB Stick the Zorin ISO? If Yes You could try the following:
When You still on Zorin install the Fedora Media Writer. Then put the USB Stick in Your PC and open the Media Writer. At the first Screen You should have 3 Options. Use the One that sets the USB Stick Back.

I recommend installing Popsicle, format the drive using disks, then use popsicle to install the Windows iso. It is similar to rufus, but simpler. You should have no issues.