Can't install windows media player 9 on winetricks

when i try to run it, it gives this error

even after changing the version in the wine prefix to windows xp or older, gives the same error, how do i fix this?

This looks like a tricky install:

You may need to go to the WineHQ forums on this one.

If this is not a case of nostalgia, there are a great many media players native to GnuLinux (In fact, I think media players are the most common application in any repository) to choose from.

i just want the skin to go with the windows xp theme in the xfce enviorment

You may try updating your wine version, as there are some issues with wine 8, which is what is offered in the Zorin 17 repos. Another possible route is to use play-on-linux. If this is related to an issue with Wine, this still may not help you though.

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Secondly, you could use the B00merang repos Windows XP theme on Zorin OS.
(If you are not already).

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