Can't Install Zorin Pro 16

Hey guys, I've seen other people have had this issue, but no solutions have been offered. Here's the problem and my constraints:

I'm trying to install Zorin Pro by way of a bootable USB stick (32GB)
My computer only will boot from a USB formatted in FAT32.
Fat32 only supports files of up to 4GB.
When burning to the USB with Rufus, it only gives the option to do so in NTFS--no FAT32 option is displayed. I've done a ton of research on the issue, and I've tried several different burners, but they either have the same issue, or ruin the partition, where I have to reformat it (such as Balena Etcher)

Seems like a pretty basic problem that people would have so not sure why I can't get much help. I've been able to install other Linux OSs fine (any that are under 4GB.

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Initially, I'd like to remind you that as a Pro User, you are entitled to free Installation Support directly from Artyom and Kyrill Zorin:

Or use provided contact info in the email you received when you chose Zorin OS Pro.
I have stumbled with this issue, myself... So, I am not sure how to advise you on it.

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Don't know if it will help, but I used Ventoy on my USB drive, works on all of my machines without issues. I just copy the ISO files on it, and the rest just works.

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Yes but in Ventoy i checked this is only live not installation. I tried installing Zorin on Ventoy. Ventoy is good for testing not for using linux. I am wrong?

Ventoy will make your USB drive boot, and then you select which ISO to start. Nothing to do with Zorin, it's just a way to make your ISO's boot.

I think i had the same problem but i managed to get it to work with Rufus and a 8 or 32gb usb-stick. Dont know what configuration i choose. Doesnt Zorin OS support NTFS in read mode?

It should, yes. the ntfs-3g package comes preinstalled with Zorin OS.

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Your bootable USB stick (32GB) is something original or cheapest stick? What kind usb stick? It is new or old. How many times you used him? Did you tested him?

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