Can't leave mode emergency boot (Urgent)!

I'm using zorin 15.3 Lite which I forgot to install the system file during installation, and I can't leave the emergency mode recovery... I already tried to boot....

After pressing journalctl - xb, what I need to do????

I'll send a photo of the screen.

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After typing journalctl -xb, scroll the whole content and look for the section in red, generally there's the problem. Look for the partition name which has the problem. Eg: /dev/sda4/, so type fsck -y /dev/sda4/ and wait for the file check to execute, then you can type reboot

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How to exit emergency mode and boot to default mode? - Ask Ubuntu.

Also, is their a particular word that you can notice in the error? like intranfs(i forgot exactly that word)

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I think you meant "initramfs"! :wink:

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