Cant log in after upgrade to 17

I have a friend that cant log into his Zorin 17 Core. He recently did the upgrade from 16 and said its been slugish since then. Then suddenly this morning he cant log into it. His drive is encrypted and none of his passwords are working.

What do I want to check first?

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This right here is why I recommend against using the LUKS full disk encryption except for special cases.
If you lose access, you won't be able to break into the LUKS encryption without a powerful quantum computer.

Checking keyboard functionality may be the first thing to check. If capslock or numlock is not working correctly, this may cause issues with passwords.
See if the Recovery Mode is available from Grub. If t is, you can run commands in the Root - drop to prompt option. If the LUKS password must be entered prior to grub menu - then we are back to checking the keyboard.


I didnt even think to ask about the keyboard.
I will get him to check it. He's in class right now so he wont be able to check it till later.
If it works I'll have him check if he's got a recovery entry on Grub.

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Maybe a Picture could be helpful to see if there is an Error-Message or strange Behavior or something.

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He got into it. I think it was his keyboard. He didnt confirm that was it. But he did confirm he got into it and it's running all good now.

Thank you all for the guidence and suggestions.

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