Can't Log in to Local Network Drive in Zorin 16 Beta

In Previous Versions of Zorin I have been able to View the contents of my Computers that are Attached to My Home Network.
But in Zorin 16 I can't.
My Network consists of several Windows 10 PC's Connected with Cat5 Cable through a Hub/Switch.
All of those machines have Sharing Enabled and I can View and Exchange Information with them Between each PC.
And that is achieved without any Fancy programs, apps or change in network settings.
In Zorin 15.3 when I go to the File Manager I could See Those PC's on my Network and Log in to them and do anything like I said above between each other.
And this was without doing anything in zorin, like I didn't have to install samba or change any sharing settings.
But in zorin 16 , when I try to View a network PC it tells me I don't have permission or words to that effect.
I can't tell you exactly what it said because I am back on windows 10.
And the reason I am back on windows 10 is because I need Network access, which I can't seem to get.
Any help would be appreciated.

In file explorer when I clicked "Windows Network" I wasn't getting anything either in Zorin 16.

I could directly connect to the network share though, in the file explorer click "Other Locations" and then a the bottom you have access to a connect widget

Just point it to the computer you want to connect to, for example:


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