Can't make a flashdrive with persistence

I have been trying to make a flash drive, with persistence, for Zorin 16. I have used three different drives, all 16G. I have used both Rufus and UNetbootin. (I made the drives from Windows.) I get drives that will boot into Zorin, and work well, but without persistence. (I tried Balena Etcher and it just messed up the drive.) I normally set the drives for 8G for Zorin and 8G for persistence.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

@zabadabadoo has stated the same; that creating a USB with persistence of Zorin OS 16 does not work.
This is due to a bug (currently unfixed) in casper-rw in Ubuntu since 19.10:

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That's strange because I've made a persistent flash drive for Mint 20.2 (Cinnamon), using Rufus, and it works fine. I was under the impression the Mint 20.2 is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Is there some incompatibility with Zorin 16?

Mint may have patched it, knowing how.


I've also created live usb with persistence to find out it is not persistent. Then I headed here to find out about this issue.

So how does it work, realistically. Am I out of luck for the next ~6 months or even until Zorin OS 17 - ofc, considering the bug will be fixed in the next Ubuntu verison? What release cycles Zorin follows?

I'm new to Zorin and linux in general. It is not that big issue though, I just keep live usb with linux around for some cases and thought it would be nice to finally have one that will keep my settings and preferences. Found the sad news here, thought I could ask for more insight that might be usefull for more people like me.

I dint know. I've just found Zorin and like it a lot. I'm sort of new to Linux, and have mostly played with Mint, which does let you make a flash drive with persistence, but seems to be slower. I wanted persistence so that I wouldn't have to install drivers for some of my equipment each time I loaded it. I guess we will just have to wait until someone comes up with a workaround.

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