Can't make a flashdrive with persistence

I have been trying to make a flash drive, with persistence, for Zorin 16. I have used three different drives, all 16G. I have used both Rufus and UNetbootin. (I made the drives from Windows.) I get drives that will boot into Zorin, and work well, but without persistence. (I tried Balena Etcher and it just messed up the drive.) I normally set the drives for 8G for Zorin and 8G for persistence.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

@zabadabadoo has stated the same; that creating a USB with persistence of Zorin OS 16 does not work.
This is due to a bug (currently unfixed) in casper-rw in Ubuntu since 19.10:

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That's strange because I've made a persistent flash drive for Mint 20.2 (Cinnamon), using Rufus, and it works fine. I was under the impression the Mint 20.2 is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Is there some incompatibility with Zorin 16?

Mint may have patched it, knowing how.