Can't open Appimage Application Bundle in Zorin 16

Dear all,

I have always used Pcloud on my laptop since Zorin 15. But after I upgrade to Zorin 16 I can't open appimage application bundle. Pcloud only has appimage application bundle to make it executable. I changed the permissions on the setting to "allow executing file as program" but doesn't work. I don't know what's wrong with my system setting, because I can't open all appimage applications.

This is odd. I can think of no reason for this... And on Zorin OS 16, I am able to launch all appimages including pcloud.
Can you try launching it from terminal. Open a terminal in the directory containing the appimage (Or cd to it). Start the appimage with ./(appimage-name)
On mine for deadbeef, for example:


Note the terminal printout for errors or messages that may tell us what is going on.

I left pcloud because it states it is based in Switzerland but when I came to delete my account it stated all its servers are in the US - no doubt in Google's Mega Warehouse Store. If you value your privacy, invest in an e/OS Fairphone 3 - you get 1 Gb storage free, which is all I need, and an address - well worth it. If you want more storage, €99 euros buys you 12 months storage of 20 Gb.

I understand pCloud uses Java - also not good as I was scorned for uploading an image on the Devuan forum as accessing such would spread java over his machine!

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Dear Aravisian,

I tried opening the Pcloud appimage in the terminal, and I found an error like this.

What should I do to resolve the errors?

Dear swarfendor437,

Thank you for your recommendation, I will try the /e/ cloud. Could I open the /e/ cloud as local storage like Pcloud or Google Drive in my Zorin Laptop? or I must access the cloud via application or browser?

I will recommend Mega for now...

I have been using it Problem Free since it was recommended to me on this forum to replace pcloud.


I use Mega it has lots of free storage space



How are you doing dude? Been missing ya on the forum, great to see ya posting. Your one cool cat yo. :sunglasses:



on Zorin15.3 I also had pcloud installed. Forgot all about it when formatting the partition to install Zorin16 core.

I installed it as followed;

  • Download file from pcloud site

  • make executable >> chmod +x pcloud

  • copy file to usr/bin dir >> sudo cp pcloud /usr/bin/

  • make launchable via terminal>> sudo nano pcloud.desktop /usr/share/applications

  • edit with nano >>
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Client app of pCloud Drive
    Exec=pcloud %U

(For the icon I used a .png dowloaded from the net)
This is the result.

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Dear Dasjdoom,

Thank you for your information. Now, my pCloud work properly in my laptop.

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