Can't remove drives from Bottle (dev/loop)

Hello, so I mounted a lot of .iso images in short order, which somehow got also mounted in a bottle I wasn't even having open at that time -- there seems to be overlap between my default wine prefix and that bottle, which to my knowledge shouldn't happen?
Anyway, the drives are all pointing at dev/loopX folders which no longer exist. Clicking the wastebin to delete them doesn't work (UI doesn't react). When I try to work around by selecting a different (existing) folder, then deleting, the next time I open Manage Drives, they are showing up again. Even when I do the steps separately I don't succees (by first assigning a different folder, closing Manage Drives, re-entering, seeing the new folder is still assigned, then deleting -> reenter Manage Drives, et voila, that pesky drive letter + nonexistant loop folder is back again.
What can I do? :slight_smile:

I was able to resolve by going to the folder in which Bottle is set up (typically /home/.var/app/com.usbottles.bottles/data/bottles/bottles/[bottlename], then look into /dosdevices/ and deleting all invalid references.

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