Can't remove gimp

any help ?

Try to remove it using the application synaptics.

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i'm sorry but i don't know what you mean by application synaptics

I have the same incident. I won't be of much help here though. Sorry.

sudo apt --fix-broken install

sudo apt remove --purge gimp


I think @Michel means the Synaptic Package Manager (installed from the software store).


thanks this worked

i didn't know, will look it up now.

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I agree with @Michel and recommend the Synaptic Package Manager over the default Software Store.
It is powerful and verbose and can handle broken packages.


Just curious ..... even though Synaptic Package Manager didn't install an app can it still delete it if it is in their search list ???? .....


Yes, as long as the app is listed in the dpkg configs


Thank you sir .... I've always been a bit confused by this thinking that if the app was installed by way of the terminal it had to be uninstalled in the terminal .... good to know I can uninstall it in Synaptic as long as it is listed .... :+1:

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I would swap out Gimp for Pinta in the distro. A lot of people have no use for Gimp but everyone needs a light photo editor. Pinta has been recently updated and follows dark mode.

There is a small bug tho. Anything but the stock cursor will flip.

I didn't get rid of gimp actually. I wanted to install PhotoGIMP but original install was not flatpak so i wanted to re-install.

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