Can't run Steam games

I can't seem to get games to run properly despite fighting with my PC for the past few days.
I'm on Wayland using NVIDIA drivers -- i know, i know but hear me out. I have 2 displays. The main one is 75Hz which does not work properly with XORG.
Out of desperation, I decided I would just switch to xorg every time I wanted to play a game, but the latency was terrible, and the games were locked at 60fps.

In Wayland, however, I can't get games to open at all. I tried launching Deep Rock Galactic, and it opens 2 blank OpenGL windows. Tried Satisfactory, and it processes Vulkan shaders for like 5 minutes, then opens a blank window. Both games seem to be running when these blank windows are open. I can hear sounds and they even make different sounds when I press keys.

I tried a few different NVIDIA drivers, as well as the default X.Org driver. I tried insatalling Steam from apt, as well as flatpak. Tried launching from Lutris (which seemed to just open from Steam, and when selecting Wine complained about C++ libraries).
The last thing I tried was installing Gamehub, which doesn't even see my games despite listing my username as "authenticated", and my profile being set to public.

I'm pretty much out of ideas here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might want to test out beta driver 555 of Nvidia in both xorg and wayland. There should be some good improvement when running in wayland.

But this shouldn't work on Zorin because the Gnome Version doesn't have Explicit Sync in it. As far as I know this will come with Gnome 46.1. On Plasma with the new 6.1 Release it is available.

You got a point. Sometimes I forget I'm on a rolling distro.

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I got games running in X11 by removing Steam, then installing it using the installer on their website.
Still can't get them running in Wayland and still haven't figured out how to get GNOME to display at 75fps on my main display in X11

Did You tried a Combination of the 535 Nvidia Driver and Xorg/Wayland?

Yeah I've tried that one, as well as a few others like 545 with Xorg and Wayland and the results have been pretty much the same accross the board: Games unplayable on Wayland, GNOME desktop low fps and/or screen tearing with Xorg

What are Your Hardware Specs?
And how are Your Screen Settings? Resolution, Scaling, Refresh Rate of Your Monitors?

This may help? it did for me some months ago?Games on Zorin.

This was actually helpful in getting me to continue on my distro testing journey rather than getting stuck in the weeds. I'm running Fedora now and everything is working nicely. Using Wayland I've got smooth GUI animations as well as high FPS in games.

Going to mark Mikeart's comment as the solution in case it helps other Zorin users

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I'm pleased for you.

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