Can't see desktop icons and can't right-click on desktop either


I've install Zorin 15 lite on a custom pc and everything was working great. I watched a video on youtube about 15 things do after installing Zorin and followed all the steps and now I can't see any of my desktop items and can't right-click either. Any help is appreciated. TIA!

Can you please link to the guide?

Sure, here it is: Zorin OS 15 Lite - Things to Do After Install *See show notes (click show more) - YouTube

Thanks for your prompt reply!

It lists:

  • Change Mouse to single-click if you wish

This may relate to your Right Click issue - undo that step. You can open Settings > Mouse and Touchpad

When finished with the Click Selection, click "All Settings" at the bottom to return to the main settings screen, then select "Desktop" and choose the "Icons" tab at the top.
Ensure that "Show icons on primary display is checked."
Ensure that "Single click to activate items" is UNchecked.

Explore the settings and see which options you may prefer to be set differently...

Issue still persists

What items, exactly, are not showing on the desktop?

12 desktop icons

Ok, can you remove the cache

rm -R ~/.cache/sessions/*

Then log out and in (or xfdesktop --reload) and test?

That worked! You're the man!! I owe you a beer bro!!

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I can even right-click as well too!

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