Can't update Discord - 'Failed to execute child process "duckduckgo"'

I'm trying to use Discord. I use Zorin 12 Lite Core (yes, I know it's an old version, I have my reasons for not wanting to upgrade, I don't want to get into a discussion about that).

When I open Discord, it puts up a message saying that there's an update available for Discord. When I click "Download", it displays an error message saying 'Failed to execute default Web Browser - Failed to execute child process "duckduckgo" (No such file or directory)', and crashes (i.e. just disappears without doing anything further).

This means I can't run Discord, as it won't let you run it without installing the update.

The browser I use is Chromium, and in that I do have DuckDuckGo set as my default search engine. I think Chromium is my default browser, but I don't know for sure, as I haven't been able to work out where you do set the default browser in Zorin 12 Lite.

What's all this about and is there a way of fixing it? Discord in the browser version is not ideal.

A. B.

You can set your browser by typing "default" in your Zorin App Menu and it should automatically search up "Default Applications" or "Preferred Applications." The first tab should be "Internet" with the Browser drop down menu to select which browser at the top.

Searching for "default" didn't find it, but there was a "Preferred Applications", once I knew what it was called and searched for it as just that. Problem is now fixed. It turned out that somehow "Preferred Applications" had got the browser set to "DuckDuckGo" rather than "Chromium Web Browser". I don't know at all how that can have happened. Of course, since DuckDuckGo isn't a browser, that didn't work! After "Preferred Applications" was set to what it ought to be, the Discord update is now downloading successfully. Thanks very much.

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