Can't upgrade to Zorin OS17 Core or Pro - Does Not boot from USB

I have a 2014 MacBook Pro. I've had ZorinOS 16 on it for a while. It's not recognizing the USB or SDCard in the BIOS. How do i change this or add this in to GRUB? ZorinOS sees both of them in the regular operating system, just not in the bios. not sure what to do as I've paid for pro but can't install it, nor can I even install the core version. This is NOT a dual boot machine. It ONLY has ZorinOS 16.3 on it.

What do you mean by you can't see them in the BIOS? Macs don't have a BIOS setup screen like Windows PCs do as far as I know.

If you mean the boot screen when you hold down the Alt or Command key on startup, if you don't see the USB there it is likely it is not formatted correctly. Did you create the USB install disk using Rufus or Ventoy?

No. I used Etcher like it recommended in the instructions.

OK. What system did you use to create the USB installer? Zorin? MacOS? Windows?

I'd give Ventoy a try as it handles multiple ISOs easily and is available for Windows, and Linux.

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I used Zorin OS as that is the only OS I have on my laptop, via Etcher to create the USB Installer, as well as the SD Card Installer.

Ventoy seems pretty complicated. I just want to update to 17Pro. Its not prompting me to try 17Pro or Core, or anything. Totally doesn't see the SDCard or USB, but does recognize it after i'm booted into my current version of 16.3 Did not have any problems going from Mac to ZorinOS. But do have an issue going from 16.3 to 17.

Is there a way I can change the boot order menu to force it to boot from the usb or sdcard (even though its not seeing it at that time?)

For installing Zorin OS to a Macbook, I recommend using rEFInd:

so am i right to assume you can upgrade to 17 core via 16 pro 16.3 iso?

You need to change Balena, which handled not correctly with Zorin 17, to other stuff like ventoy, as suggested Aravisian. It's not so hard like you think, just follow step by step guide:

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