Can't use second Storage device

Hello there, I am a new user of Zorin OS or any Linux system.
I don't even know how Linux work.
Now I am facing a problem.
I have two internal storage devices 120GB SSD and a 1TB HDD.
Now I have installed the Zorin in the 120GB SSD, i use the ssd only for the OS.
So I didn't create or delete any partition manually, I just erased the SSD and install the OS.

Now my HDD has windows 10 partitions and Like D drive E drive and all, and have so many important data.

Now how can I use my HDD without loosing my data?
Please help?

You should be able to see the drive and access it if it is connected. Is it unmounted currently? Are you not seeing the drive in your File Manager?

Please check the status of ntfs-3g, a package that allows accessing the NTFS (File System) Windows uses when on Linux:

sudo apt install --reinstall ntfs-3g

It is connected but Its not showing in the storage.
I install the NTFS 3g.

I don't know how mount and all this work, as I told you before I am new user
of Linux.

And if I see in the disk its showing 1TB hard disk and GUID Partition Table.

also its don't have any UUID number
I have attach a screenshot please see this one.

Hmmm... let's try:

sudo apt install exfat-fuse

NO not working.

Showing the same results.

Partitioning- GUID Partition Table
Partition Type- Microsoft LDM Metadata, Microsoft Reserve and Microsoft Data (Three partitions I created in windows 10).
Content- Unknown

Are you Dual Booting Windows?

Ntfs3g should read that even with a ldm partition, unless it has bitlocker enabled. Can you can boot into windows and check to see if bitlocker is enabled for your drive/OS

I believe there is a app called disklocker in the Ubuntu ppa that will mount bitlocker partitions if you have the password / recovery key

Yes, that is why I asked if Dual Booting WIndows- since the Windows Fast Boot or Fast Startup may cause that, too.

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I think you are going to have to reinstall windows and then backup your data: