Card: HDA Intel PCH, Chip: VIA VT1705

This is a problem that I've had since I start on Linux, when I log in, there is no audio in notifications, and videos or music and I can fix using this command

Alsamixer --> I set on "Dynamic" Enabled --> "Loopback" Enabled

By default is disabled

and it works but when I installed Z-15 Lite I didn't need to do that until I install Z-16 lite I have to repeat that process, this time I make a script

Now it's automatic but I'd like to know if there is other way to fix this problem

I'm using Z-16 core but I'm thinking to move to Z-16 Lite but I had problems with audio and video for now I'stay on it


Well that is very interesting. I also had sound output problems on Z15 Core which seem to be fixed after much trial and error by setting:-

Alsamixer> [Loopback] = Enabled.

I have not changed [Dynamic] = Enabled.

Trying Z16 Lite I got no sound running the Live USB, I think if I may have to mess with Alsamixer again if I move to Z16.

Perhaps is kernel because when I use the kernel 5.4 sound card works but when I use a more updated kernel like 5.11 it doesn't work for that I had to make a script to fix it

It's my guess, I'm not a expert in these matters

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Well I have same problem on kernel 5.4. with Z15 Core, also on Z16 Lite I'm trying from Live USB. But Setting "Loopback" = Enabled, seems to work on both. I hope that is consistent fix. I then save that working alsamixer setup (for subsequent bootups) using:

sudo alsactl store

I wonder if you would still need your script if you also stored your alsamixer setting that way.


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