Carrousel screensaver effect

Hey guys I have been using Linux for over 2 years and only now have decided to do this thing that in my mind should be so simple, but for some reason I can't seem to get it to work.

What I would like to do:

  1. Display images randomly from a local folder as screensavers without animations. Just have the picture be displayed in Zoom mode (fit image to window, cropping whatever doesn't fit.). Some fade between images would be nice, but not necessary.
  2. Use Gnome's lockscreen (GDM) to unlock computer when I stop the screensaver.
  3. Don't display screensaver when Caffeine is on.

In my mind this is an extremely basic thing users would want to do, but that somehow simply isn't available baked in the OS, and that to my surprise, AFAIK, the application everyone keeps directing people to use (Xscreensaver) can't do.

I just want my pictures to be displayed randomly, one at a time in fullscreen for X amount of seconds as a screensaver. I would like for the gorgeous Zorin OS lock screen (GDM) to be displayed when I resume using the computer. And I would like for the screensaver not to be triggered if Caffeine is on. I think these are very basic expectations for how things would work.

With Xscreensaver, the modules I checked that I think could do it (Carrousel and GLslideshow) all use animations (pan, fade, images dangling on lines, etc) and don't seem to have an option just to display images statically for an amount of time. It also has an atrocious lock screen and didn't respect the fact Caffeine was on. Is there another module that I missed that could do this, or is there a way to configure those the way I mention, or another app all together that works like that?

I have searched the forum, but couldn't find a helpful question. I am using Zorin 16.1 Core btw.

I use GLslideshow to display our pictures from our vacation. It seems to work fine. In Xscreensaver select GLslideshow and then below the preview window click on settings. In the settings window choose show at least this much image and change it to 100%. On my system using Cinnamon DE that gives me a full screen slideshow without panning or zooming. It does still do a fade from one picture to another but you can adjust the speed of the fade also in the settings window.

I don't use Caffeine so I can't help with that but I have seen it discussed on this forum so you might do a search here and see what turns up.

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Thanks for the reply.

I find doing this results in black bars showing up when the image is not the same aspect ratio as the screen (I have many with different aspect ratios, including some in portrait mode). So sadly that doesn't work for me :confused: .

I used to use Screenlet Desklets for this.

Thanks for the reply, this looks promising. This is brand new to me. I will look into it. Do you happen to know though if I would be able to accomplish the above with it?

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