Catfish file search

I'm writing with a question about the Catfish file search program in Zorin 16 Lite. In the past, this program used to search very quickly. But more recently, the searches take a very long time: the computer fan wheezes and the program seems to jam. Under Task Manager, a program called pdftotext seems to be running, and I am wondering whether Catfish is invoking this program to scan the contents of PDFs. Alternatively, I am wondering whether I have inadvertently deleted the search index, and Catfish is reconstructing the whole index from scratch each time. Any help would be appreciated.

Catfish can slow down if there is a lot of thumbnail generation. Do you have your thumbnails set to a higher size for display or a lot of image files?

I've noticed it does that if I attempt to search directories which require administrative privileges to access. So limiting your search only to your personal files folder (which I recommend be formatted as NTFS on an external drive so you can just grab it and go in an emergency, you can plug it into pretty much any other computer to access your files, and you don't lose your personal files when rolling back or reinstalling the OS) will prevent that. Further, clicking only the document types you want (at left in Catfish) will speed things up.

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