CCTV Monitoring Software

Could anyone recommend some CCTV monitoring software for Zorin? I'm currently using CMS on windows but I don't know of any software I could use in Linux.




Pretty much. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers.

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I've tried those apps that I could understand, and that were appropriate for what I need. To be honest I haven't had much success. The closest I managed to get was with Shinobi but even then I ended up creating standalone unit installed with Ubuntu (this was the easiest approach, trust me). I've managed to get it working, after a fashion, but not to do what I really want.

The software that comes with my Floureon CCTV system seems to be Windows specific, I've contacted the manufacturer for information but so far, no response.

My next course of action is to install the Windows version of CMS (ProductCMS) through Wine, and see if I have any luck that way.

I'll be in touch as I suspect this may get messy. Learning Dial set to 100%


OK, I will escalate the case to our higher level volunteer

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No, no real need. I'm enjoying the "learning" process. The only real help that I need is finding a CMS like product for Linux. Hopefully the manufacturer will get back to me, as thinking about it I suspect there are a lot of Linux users running CCTV out there.

Thanks regardless.

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That and the fact I would probably be useless.
My security system uses none of that and runs off an old converted umm... Xbox.


Someone after my own heart, waste not, want not :smile:

And having said that, I have an old Xbox 360 sitting around doing nothing. I sense another "pointless gadget" coming on as my wife would say :smile:

Yes You can install Zorin OS on an XBOX. :smiley:

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On an Xbox 360? Now that's a project I'd definitely have a look at. Any pointers where I can read?

Thanks again.

There are Tons and I have no preferences on the many guides that are out there.
I do not recall following any specific ones. But a search on "install linux on xbox" will fill your screen.


CMS and Wine really don't like each other, missing libraries etc so I've decided that CMS actually runs fine on Windows and I'm quite happy for it to do so. The H.264 format (Not supported on Youtube) recordings it generates are saved on a Zorin server I've set up, and I'm now using Handbrake to batch convert them into something usable by Youtube. Problem solved. Sort of.

If everything's gone to plan you should be able to see a wild Tawny Owl visiting our Aviaries.

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