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Hi, and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Could anyone recommend a CD & DVD editing suite for Zorin 16 Pro or Pro Lite? I'm currently using Nero Burning Rom 2018 Platinum on my Windows 10 desktop, and Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator on a couple of my laptops. I'd like to have the same kind of toolkit available in those. Create Audio CD's (Yes I still prefer them despite having Bluetooth & MP3), and a good MP3 / wave audio file editor.

Any info appreciated.

This is included in Zorin


Looking like a bit of a knob now lol. Cheers and all the best for the new year.

I have a bit of a get out clause..... Brasero isn't preinstalled on Zorin 16 Pro Lite.

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That's because lite being based on xfce should have xfburn but there is no reason why you cannot install Brasero or my favourite burning tool, K3b - this has a built in md5 sum check facility when you want to burn .iso files of different distributions of GNU/Linux.

One word of advice but Brasero might have improved since I last used it. Don't try to say pick an .iso and open with Brasero or you will end up with a 'coaster' (a CD/DVD that can only be used for putting hot beverages on to protect your desk/table!). Always launch Brasero first, then choose your project and select files second.


Use Synaptic to install it.
I run Lite and I still prefer Brasero.

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