Change accent colour

hey everyone, i've recently been experimenting with zorin os and i am very satisfied with how it operates. however, it seems there are only 6 available colours for accent colour. is there any way to get around this? if so, how? thanks in advance


The accent color is actually a gtk theme with a different coloring scheme.
You could create a new color scheme by copying the Zorin Theme you wish to use to ~/.themes and then altering it using oomox.


Hey Aravisian, thanks for the fast reply. For now, I am perfectly content with the zorin themes that come pre-installed with the operating system. Is it possible to alter the color scheme of them as well using the software you linked?


Yes, that is what I just said to do.


Out of curiosity, what is the RGB value of Zorin Blue?

The RGB blue value #6cbfee try it

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I tried changing the accent color, all the matching accent color in the file, but it doesn't change the selection highlight color in the nautilus sidebar or in the settings sidebar. It is using a gradient. What class is that?

What I use (pasted quick and shoddy):
row:selected, row:hover, placessidebar.sidebar row.sidebar-row:hover, placessidebar.sidebar row.sidebar-row:checked, placessidebar.sidebar row.sidebar-row:selected, menu menuitem:hover, .menu menuitem:hover, .sidebar:selected, placessidebar row:selected, .caja-side-pane scrolledwindow.frame treeview.view:hover, .nemo-window scrolledwindow.frame treeview.view:hover, .thunar scrolledwindow.frame treeview.view:hover, .nemo-window treeview:hover, .nemo-window treeview button:hover, treeview.view:hover, .nemo-window treeview button:active, treeview treeview.view:selected, treeview.view:selected:focus, treeview treeview.view:selected:backdrop, treeview.view:selected:backdrop, .caja-side-pane scrolledwindow.frame treeview.view:selected, .nautilus-window placessidebar.sidebar row.sidebar-row:hover, .nautilus-window placessidebar.sidebar row.sidebar-row:checked, .nautilus-window placessidebar.sidebar row.sidebar-row:selected
Some of the above, like the Caja Classes, you can neglect if you prefer.