Change font size whole sheet Libra calc?

When I select “whole sheet” in Libra calc and change the font size ONLY those cells without some kind formatting (strikethrough or a different text colour)are changed.
Anything with a format or with a formula associated with them Do NOT change size?
The only way I can change the size of these cells is to individually select them (double click to enter text input) then highlighting and THEN changing the font size.
However this does NOT seem to work with any cells that contain a formula?.. cant seem to change the font size for these cells at all?
I have large amounts of date on some of my sheets and and would take an eternity to resize the font for hundreds of cells individually.
Any ideas people?
Zorin 15.3
Libra Office

I created a sheet. On one cell I changed it to an average and one another cell I changed the font color. I selected the whole sheet using the cell just left of the column labels and just above row labels. Changed the font size using the Font Size drop down just right of the Font Name drop down. All font sizes changed. I’m using Core 15.3 and the same version Libre.
I didn’t do it with a saved file, I just opened Libre and tried those steps. Maybe something with the saved file? Perhaps it is with a particular format this is happening? Ods vs Xls? Can you check?

Works for me with a new document and new data BUT not when I copy the data from the offending sheet to the new calc document. (ODS)
The original document was originally converted from XLS to ODS.
I can remove all formatting and its fine but then I lose the ability to identify the data entries I have used “strikethrough” to note.
**I have spreadsheet with thousands of products listed and when sold I use the strikethrough or a text colour change to note sold etc. Some entries are in the same cell with other text.
Shame if I have to suffer the annoying different size texts in the same sheet. I do like neatness!

Amen on the neatness. That would annoy me too. I go as far as to keep all my files in xls format because I don’t like any surprise format shifts.
Fwiw, I found: Libre support and feedback sites. It may be that they know a way around this issue, so if you feel like it you can ask on the first link and if they don’t have an answer then provide feedback on the second link since this does seem to be a bug.

Have posted on the first link already… after spending half an hour being told by “CAPTCHA” that a scooter is actually a bicycle!! and a Bus is any kind of van shaped object with glass panels!! I F**** hate those things!
Anyway No replies yet.
Will check out the second now.