Change Fonts within Zorin Appearance

How come when I install a new font for usage in Zorin16 and change this overall, the letter type within the Zorin menu does not change?

Oh, I remember that from back when I was on Zorin OS 12. Yeah, that was one of the things that got Aravisian to convert me to using XFCE, and install the Whisker Menu.

The Zorin menu uses its own font that does not respect the font selection for the rest of the OS. I think there is a way to change it, but I dont know how personally.

The only advice I can give you for changing fonts, is just go to zorin appearence, and go to fonts.

I already changed them overall using the font settings in Zorin appearance. But like said the menu does not apply.

You can probably change the font for the Zorin menu using a custom .css file. I will test this out in a while and let you know the results.

Just as StarTeker mentioned by you converting him to use XFCE and naturally the Whisker Menu.
I guess this is another advantage of using XFCE.

It is, and using the Zorin theme, you may not notice the difference between the two.
But I am going to check if I can get it to work using a customization to the gnome-shell theme for you. Which is why it will be in a little while, as I must log into Gnome to do it.

You're probably right, it has to do with the gnome-shell. I've tried different gnome-shells but the only change is that the letter type gets smaller or bold, but not change to the font I alter within Zorin Appearance.

Do sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

You can change system-wide fonts as well as increase/decrease their size

Have it installed, pitty but it won't do the job on Zorin menu.

Yes, like I said, the Zorin menu is its own proprietary thing. Unfortunately, the Zorin brother's decided that it was a good idea to not have the fonts adjust system wide with the menu. I have no idea why they chose to do that like that. But like Aravisian says, there's probably a way around it, he just has to figure it out. Aravisian is the theme king on this site. lol

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