Change from Legacy support to UEFI without reinstall Zorin

I already installed Zorin 15.3 core in my portable SSD (via USB 3 port) which is formatted by MBR partition system. Yes of course I must boot it from legacy boot since my computer is old and its not support UEFI.

But recently, I will use other computer which doesn't have legacy boot (just UEFI).

The question are :

  1. how to change MBR to GPT format without formatted my SSD since I know UEFI wont work on MBR
  2. After I success do first step, how to get boot from UEFI since I don't have EFI boot partition


Recently I installed boot-repair as suggested by this thread [Zorin OS 16 Core install Failed to open EFI boot - invalid parameter - #7 by user64463]
sudo apt-get install boot-repair

But, I think, the software was too advance + I don't see UEFI option

Have you created an EFI Partition on the SSD?

Using a windows live image you can use the MBRtoGPT application. On Linux, you will have to do a little more:

Regardless of what you want and hope to do, backup, just in case.

You will have to be in a live image either way because the disk can't be mounted (any partition) when you modify the partition table.

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No, I haven't make it yet since it was MBR formatted partition disk

I will take a look with this suggestion. Thank you

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Its really difficult to do that, but after one month, I did it

It is really high risk operation, I beware to backup the data first, the do this steps:

sudo apt-get install gparted

Open gparted the open it. Select one partition to resize it. Allocate about 150MB for new partition called EFI (format it as FAT32)

sudo gdisk /dev/sdc

where /dev/sdc is your disk which contains Zorin

type w then [enter] to change MBR to GPT
type y then [enter] to proceed it

sudo parted

print all

to see where is the disk & partition number for EFI partition FAT32

select /dev/sdc

set 3 esp

where 3 means the number of /dev/sdc3 which contains FAT32 EFI. If it was success, you should see boot, esp on your FAT32 partition

print all will print all disk in your computer, you will see Partition table : GPT if your disk have successfully changed to GPT

Open terminal then type :

sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt

where /dev/sdc1 is root partition of Zorin

sudo mount /dev/sdc3 /mnt/boot/efi

where /dev/sdc3 is EFI filesystem that created previously

sudo chroot /mnt

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --removable

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