Change Linux distro safely on dualboot

I'm a beginning Linux user that have been using Manjaro for more than a month, but recently I realized that it's kinda not my type of distro, that's why I want to switch to Zorin.
But I want to ask you a question: If I have Manjaro installed alongside Windows 10 on dualboot, how do I replace the installed Linux OS (install new distro on the place of old one) to not break something in the partitioning and bootloader things? I need to say that I don't want to keep any files that I have on Manjaro (because I don't even have many), but just want to safely install Zorin on the partition that I actually have Manjaro installed on and don't break the bootloader of my PC (just to still have GRUB and the choice whichever OS to select, Linux or Windows). I just want to know what I have to choose in the installation menu to do everything correctly.
If you have any questions, ask about it, big thanks for help!

To install Zorin OS on the Manjaro partition, boot from the LiveUSB "Try Zorin" and run the installer. When you get to the option for how and where to install, choose "Something else."

In the gparted Partition Manager, click on the Manjaro partition.
Then, click on the (-) delete button.
That partition will now be labeled as Free space.
Click on it and select the (+) button.
Select it and continue and the installer will give a prompt to see that you are sure you wish to proceed installing Zorin OS on that partition. Say yes.

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Thank you very much! I understand that I don't need to change anything in the boot partition and just leave it as it is?

Yes, you can re-use your /boot partition or you can create a new one.

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Ok, i'm in the process of installation right now, and after I selected options to format Manjaro partition and install Zorin / partition on its place, I've seen that below it there's also an option called "Device for boot loader installation". What do I need to choose there to not overwrite Windows bootloader (because I can choose any partition in the box below the option)?

Just for clarity - it will not overwrite the Windows bootloader, but rather, write to it, so it contains both.

Write next to it, i have grub and i have windows bootloader

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