Change Login Screen Box Colour?

I've already changed my Zorin login screen to a customized screen.

How do I change the Username box font colour?
I do not want it to remain white.

Any help will be great!

I have found a tool called Login Manager Settings but it can only change the font and font colour of the top panel so have added your request to a discussion:

The current project limits it to the following and has a similar interface to 'Tweaks':

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It says on Github I can modify the shell theme, how can I do that?

By Open its .css file with a gedit or other text app.
But you may copy the shell theme to your ~/.themes if you want to eksperiments so you don't ruined the official theme.


Is there a video on how I can do that?

Not what I'm aware of. It's straight forward. Open the gnome-shell.css with gedit and hack away.

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I'm typing it on Zorin search menu but no CSS is showing up?

You must elevate to Root

sudo -i

Launch file manager


Navigate to "Other locations" > "Computer"

Now, navigate to /usr/share/themes/ and look for the Specific theme you are using. Recommended that you copy it and paste it into your Home folder:
If the .themes folder does not exist, create it.

Change the permissions on the newly placed theme directory to your user acount.

Exit Root and close Nautilus and terminal.

Now, launch Files again and navigate to ~/.themes and navigate through the theme directory to /gnome-shell/gdm3.css
Open it with a text editor to make changes.

The .css class you are looking for is .login-dialog-user-list

I am not sure at this point, as I do not use GDM3 or Gnome... You may need:

 .login-dialog-user-list:expanded .login-dialog-user-list-item:selected {
     background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.15);
     color: black;

You can set a different color for after login:

 .login-dialog-user-list:expanded .login-dialog-user-list-item:logged-in {
     background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.15);
     color: black;

NOTE that color refers to the Text Color and background-color refers to the Window Color.

To see the changes, you must reload the theme.

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I have looked in themes and no .css files as such. I followed the path as outlined here:

And could not find .css files, only .gresource.gdm_settings and attempting to open them provides corrupt data.

If I open the theme folder, there is only reference to a Zorin theme:

In the Theme directory, you can use the extract command to extract gresource files

gresource extract gtk.gresource (/path/to/file)

I would not think the gdm_settings file would be the correct one... You would want to look in /usr/share/themes not /usr/share/gnome-shell

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Do I need to open up and use Terminal for all this?

There is quite an easy way to do this. Have a look at this article. It helped me a lot.