Change Name or Icon from Favourites bar

I don't think this issue is related to Zorin OS. But, Zorin is the only OS I have. But, this is what i am facing. I installed a bunch of file manager apps and Terminals apps just to curious how bad it can be and which one can do better for me as a newbie to linux.
Just like the image, the first one after firefox icon is (Nataulius, Nemo, Dolphin, Thunar). And default Terminal app and Konsole app from kde. I just managed to get my favourite dark themes for all of them with the help of Aravisian previous posts.
But I can't see a way to rename or change different icons to those apps in my favourites (taskbar? desklet? or deskbar?). They all seem the same. And I just want to see different. Like different name or different icon. The google search can't help me anymore, and I just came here to ask for your help.

I've no idea how to have a proper footnote. I'm using zorin 16.1 pro btw

And I'm very sorry for grammer mistakes if you found any in my post.

The icons for nemo and thunar are just that. So, given the file extension (.svg or .png...) You can place the icons you prefer to use for those file managers in your current preferred icon set.
Make or find an icon you prefer
Name it
nemo.png or nemo.svg and place it in /usr/share/icons/(Your Current Icon Set)
Same for thunar.png or thunar.svg

I am not sure about Dolphin but try org.kde.dolphin.svg or org.kde.dolphin.png

The name for Nautilus would be
org.gnome.nautilus.svg or org.gnome.nautilus.png


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