Change screen sleep times

Where can I change the screen sleep times and it seems to be taking more time from inserting the password to opening up the desktop.

That is a desktop loading time and changing Sleep Time would not affect that. The initialization of services would.
If it seems to be taking longer, how much RAM is occupied at the time of putting to Sleep?
Do you happen to have more and more apps running or open files?

Thank you Aravisian.
Sorry but they were two seperate q's. Not sure if they are related.

I was looking to increase the time before the screen sleeps or closes.

Secondly yes it seems to have slowed since I installed and changed the memory allocations in VB, Gnome Box etc.

According to the disk map, they still have disk areas allocated to them even though they are no longer installed.

Where can I check the memory allocation as I feel that too is the problem

I am sorry, are you using Pro
Or Pro Lite?
Your profile states "Pro, Lite" and my brain popped a rivet.

EDIT: I will just include Both:

Zorin Pro or Zorin Core (Gnome):
Launch Settings from app menu.
In the left pane; scroll to Power
Set Timers as you wish.

Zorin Pro Lite or Zorin Lite (XFCE):
(Documentation link)

Just the regular Pro, but I think I used Lite in the VMs. Yes just did it in Power. I looked in every other link but that one. 'Doh !'

Checked Startups and see Gnome is still there and starting. See image..
Z162 Startup progs

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Im-launch and SSH key agent are both normal startup items.

Okay so that's not the prob.

Yes I see, Gnome Keyring is okay Gnome boxes is not.

I just need to check...
You installed Gnome-Boxes on the Zorin OS in a Virtual Machine.... Correct?

Yes I did

Have you checked this post:

Yes, makes sense. I'll take a look see.

EDIT: Yes that did it and emptied Trash too.

What about RAM memory allocation? I had to give those programs some memory. Would they still be allocated?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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