Change Super key Workspace background (this gray dotted thing)


I am looking for a way to change the default background of the workspace overview. I am not talking about the desktop background but this gray dotted background (see attached picture).

Is there any way to change this? It feels so unfinished to me and is a real downgrade to the fading method used in 16.3.

Thank you so much!

Install this app:

Then... search and install this extension:

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Thank you, that did the trick sufficiently.

Is there a way to remove the app icons from above the miniature windows in overview mode? Cant find any option so far?

Install this extension:

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Thank you so much @Hercules!

Your Input helped me in so many ways and saved me a tremendous amount of time and frustration!

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Anytime! I'm happy to help.

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If You maybe want Your Wallpaper as Overview Backgroung the Gnome Extension Overview Background could be something for You.

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