Change the icon of network panel in the zorin lite(xfce)

I want to change the icon of network in xfce-panel, I want to change it when it is active and change the icon when network is disconnect etc.

For that you will need to go to your Icon Set directory, then the Symbolic folder, then the Status folder.
In that folder, you should see:

If you see any of the above missing, just create that icon with the icon of your choice bearing the above name for each missing name.

For the Active (connected) network icons, I prefer to have the stages of each - poor, good or excellent...
For this you can have


welcome back MR Aravisian.
thank u for ur help
the icon directory for that icon theme doesn't have Symbolic folder=>status folder, should I create folders with these names,then put the svgs in it?
and how it's not exists ,where the currant icons come from?

Not unless you annotate them in the index.theme file...
Instead, check the 16 folder and see if you see any network icons at all, first. If they are in there, then that may be where you can place them in that set...
Looking at your screenshot, though... I wonder if that set does not include any status icons. The ones in your screenshot look like the Default Zorin OS Icon set.


that all the content of 16 folder

I think also that is the default icon of zorin, but i don't know which one, perhaps that icon theme build with modifying adwaita icon theme

Most likely... Give me a little while and I will download and check out the set.
Do you have an icon in mind that you would like to make the Network offline / online icons?

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yes,i liked network icon of windows10, i have the theme icon of it, i can extract it from it's directory

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Plasma KDE uses similar network icon to Windows 10.


yes, it is the most de near to windows10 in apperance, but not lite as xfce

That does not stop you extracting the icons from say a live DVD or live .iso :wink:

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zorin lite is perfect , not need to customize,may be other xfce distros need to more customize, but i think zorin lite has default best customize, it is the best for windows user which want to try linux.
the theme in zorin lite is very good( i like zorin green dark and zorin grey dark which i use now),and the deafult icon in zorin lite is very good, but i don't like icon of excutabe app, and i prefer the network icon of windows, also i don't like the window manger of hdpi or xhdi, it take big area of window, also zorin lite use docklike plugin in layout and use window buttons in other layout, docklike is very good in the customize xfce in zorin,(although it is not perfect in match all type of apps, but it is the best), zorin lite is better than linuxmint xfce or other xfce distro in appearance. i know there r more themes in zorin lite pro. zorin lite is the best xfce distro

After delving into KDE the network icon is an .svg file.

Have uploaded it to here:

seem that theme(sweet-purple-filled) depend on hicolor for getting icon of network panel .
I'm using wired connection. so I search for nm-device-wired.png and nm-no-connection.png in hicolor theme , and replaced all with my new icon

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