Change the login background (Zorin 16)

Hi All

How to change the gnome login background into any .jpg image and is it possible to blur it like with the screen lock?

AFAIK, it requires some coding to change the login screen of the gnome shell .css file. The blur effect you need to do yourself in gimp.

@Storm Do you know where I can find the .css file that needs editing?

I'm not sure if it's a .css file. I have a look at the directory and it's a .gresource file which complicate things a bit. It can't be edited by a text editor application but needs to be extracted and recompiled as I recall it. You'll find it at /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ZorinBlue-Light

A simple change of .jpg/.png doesn't work I'm afraid.

You could try GitHub - juhaku/loginized: Gnome GDM Login Theme Manager. Easy and Fast Login Theme Manipulation but last I've tried it - it didn't work on Ubuntu/Zorin.

Will try this, thx.

Unfortunately both options do not work.

In the meantime, I found this

This script is for ubuntu so I suspect it should work with some modifications for Zorin OS.

Could someone experienced in scripting take a look at it? Cheers

For blurring effects you could install darktable and follow their guide here: