Change user name or delete account on forum

Hi, I have chosen a random username and I chose a name, which is not allowed to write in the forum, unintentionally. Fellows in the forum have difficulties to quote me and they have to obfuscate my username, e.g. fa-ark.

Sorry, you can't post the word 'fa*ark'; it's not allowed.

I'm not able to change my username or delete my account in the preferences. Is there any way to do so? Did I miss any settings? Is there any way to contact human support to the forum?

It would be very helpful for users in general, if such a profanity check would be applied right at the registration. Terms, which are not allowed to mention in the forum, would not be allowed to register as usernames.

I actually started a thread in the Moderator Forum addressing this same issue. :grin:

You can contact the Forum Administrators @AZorin or @zorink to help perform a username change.

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Thanks for looping me in.

Given that your username isn't visibly offensive, it looks like our word filter was a little too sensitive in this case. We've now updated the word filter to not get triggered by your username, while still protecting against the use of the word it was intended for.

This issue shouldn't occur again for your username. However, please let me know what username you wish to use if you would still like us to change it for you.


So it has been months sense I have been back to zorin as I have went to ARCH Linux for awhile but I am back and I just want to know where do I go to change my name on the form from ProtoLuke to NardoLuke? I came back to Zorin because of the new LTS kernal pre installed 5.15 and I missed Zorin for many reasons. Still love arch though. Thank you for Zorin btw :slight_smile:

We've now changed your username as requested

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