Change View only on specific Folders

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I would like to keep my files as list, with the exception of the Picture folders which I would like to have the picture preview on it.
How can I change the view only for the Picture (or specific) folders, like Windows is doing?

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Unfortunately this is a global setting and can only be toggled.
There was talk of changing this but it has been asked for sine 2012 and still isn't there.

You could research a different file browser that may do this but not the default file browser that comes with Gnome.

See this for a number of file browsers for Linux.

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Install Nemo... there is a how to in the tutorials section.

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Dolphin on Plasma does not appear to have issues if you have different instances, but I could be wrong!

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Thanks @jgordon for the nice hint!
Such a pity it is not inserted in the default file bowser. Normally only the Picture folder (or folders with pictures) need the preview. The others could stay with the details