Change Z logo workaround

how can I change the startup logo and the start button logo?
The Z is not appropriate at these times.

I'm not sure how to change the logo but please see my response to this line of thinking:


You can change the Start Menu icon in Zorin OS Core by replacing the image file with a different one.
The icon name is "zorin-os-logo-icon.png"
The location may be in /usr/share/icons/hicolor.../apps
You may need to search the /usr/share/icons directory for the above icon name.

It's been a while since i was in there, but if you dig around in the Plymouth directory (default theme configuration of Zorin) you will find a script that displays the Zorin logo during boot (you will have to be able to discern source as the file name is not descriptive of what it does). Rename the file to old-<whatever the file is named>. This may cause the boot to throw an error, but shouldn't effect the startup. You will need root permission to make these changes.

Why isn't it appropriate for the OS to announce what it is, windows is no different? If this is a work/school/organization computer you should have their permission to make such changes, since it belongs to them.

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Thanks, I failed to notice the question about changing the plymouth theme.

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Well if "Z" is very bad things then maybe erased from alphabet? Zorin is many years and now must changed because someone start bad things? Isn't that politics subject what is not be here? I bet in themes you can changed that wallpaper.

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Statues have been torn down, though they were a reminder of the (positive) efforts of explorers and pioneers that they did in the name of freedom and their country. But someone saw them as a reminder of oppression, though that wasn't the focus.

"Z" represents bias, oppression and prejudice? It's a letter of the alphabet. We better ditch English then in favor of what?... Italian, no they had slavery... Islam... Spanish...i know, German! Do you see my point?

One person's perspective/oppinion doesn't change what it was there for to begin with, communication.

I'm generation "x", and you (generality) aren't good enough so you can't use that letter anymore. See the problem? If not, you got issues.


What is important to remember is that Stylization and Intent matters.

Using the "Statues" as an example:
Tearing down a statue of Teddy Roosevelt simply because of the times he lived in does not follow logic, since the intent of the statue was as you describe; exploration, conservation... "the Good"...
Whereas statues raised for Confederate leaders had a very different Intent: To preserve a memory of resistance against abolitionists and to continue to resist well after the resolution of conflict.
None of our heros were less human than we are today - as imperfect and flawed as we are and if we tear down any hero that did good in the world just because there was something we considered a flaw or disagreeable, then there can be No Statues and No Heros anywhere.

The Stylization of the "Z" used by Russia during the Ukrainian invasion is a major part of its identity.
It is not the letter itself, but the intent, marked by its stylization in appearance.
This style looks nothing like the Zorin OS Logo and never has.

It is an unfortunate aspect of Humanity: To recognize patterns in a way that they may associate them with unrelated things.

Personally, I believe it is perfectly OK to cancel some things.
Cancellation of racism or slavery or burning witches at the stake - I am fine with it.
But if choosing to oppose something through cancellation, it is utterly necessary to investigate, do research and treat instances on a case-by-case basis instead of jumping to conclusions, jumping on the bandwagon or making a leap of faith.

For many, even an unstylized "Z" may still be a horrid reminder of atrocities they witnessed in Ukraine in recent times - even if inadvertently done by the maker of an unrelated "Z logo."
It is understandable that from trauma, a person can associate an image or symbol in a way that ties into this trauma, as it is First and Foremost in the mind.
What I see in the Zorin Logo (Good Things) a person with different life experiences may see memories of unrelated but devastating events (The ZorinGroup had their Z Logo long before Russia went haywire).
This is part of that human trait of pattern recognition and sadly, we often cannot just turn pareidolia off with a switch.


  • The Zorin Logo has zero association or relation to the Russian invasion.
  • It is a different intent and a different stylization to the appearance of the "Z"
  • It remains understandable, that for some people, what is first and foremost in their mind will influence how they perceive a symbol or statue. It is important for us all to remember that Intent and stylization matter.

I can sayed a statue heroes on Zorin are brothers. They created good things that why changing good things if this nothing have connection with a symbol "Z" who someone used to mark something what is bad? So if someone in the past believe a womans are a witch then I need still to believe that? Generation people dieying with them history and in future trying bury do not blame what happens and trying distort history.
I wish this terrible things finished because a war always is bad.

No, not at all. Nor do any of us believe that the Zorin Logo has any relation to the Russian "Z" symbol.

What I am saying, though, is that within humanity is the capacity to not just think - but to feel.
Consider a Phobia:
A phobia is an irrational fear.
I have one: I have a fear of heights. Honestly, it seems perfectly rational on the surface... "Fall from up high go splat."
But, in reality, I feel this irrational fear even when I am safely suspended at great height. Whether it be in a cable car, a cherry picker, parachute... Many things I have done... It happened to me just the other day while working. I was atop the roof of a three storey building. I was a minimum of three feet from the edge. There was No Way I could magically go flying over that edge... Yet, I felt that grip. Lightheaded suddenly, heart pounding... Any observer might have casually wondered why I suddenly took so much interest in the rivets of some of the sheetmetal and knelt down to inspect them for so long...
Because I have had to learn how to dominate the terror so that it does not control me.
And I can tell you... It Is Very Very Hard To Do.

Sometimes... A person just FEELS something. They know it is not rational. They know it does not always make sense. But fighting that feeling can be immensely difficult.

What if the ZorinGroup decided to change their Logo due to the Russian Invasion subverting the "Z" Image?
I really can see both sides on this;

  • The Zorin Logo and the Russian "Z" rationally have no relation to each other and those of us that use Zorin OS and appreciate the standing Logo should not have to cancel that Brand Image.
    It is not Zorin or Our fault that the Russian Army circumvented a similar image.
  • Victims of a terrible war can have pretty strong feelings about imagery that remind them of that war. It may not always be the Rational; it doesn't have to be. It is Not Their Fault, either.

What we can do: Show support. Show Support for ZorinGroup should they adhere to their standing Logo. Or show support if they decide to adopt a new one; perhaps even submit suggested options.
Show support to the Ukrainians and supporters of the Ukrainian effort for how they feel about this war. Because in our world, the destruction and death, loss of family, loved ones, homes, land, draining resources all weighs more than any logo.

I am electrician and I am meeting how to be shocked when your body start shaking , your eyes seeing everything, your brain working , your heart shocked. Did i changed my work? No that was experience. If everything going in future to the peace and silence. I seeing Zorin and "Z" like a logo Zorin. This is just depends how your mind thinking. Besides brothers support Ukraine.

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