Changed from Pro to Pro lite - BIG difference

So, I loaded Zorin Pro 16 when it was released and I was happy except my battery life dropped to 1 hour 25 minutes. That was hard to live with but I just kept trying to make it better. Then when Pro Lite was released I download and installed it that night. To my surprise my battery life went from 1 hour 25 minutes to 3 hours 15 minutes! I then read to turn off bluetooth and my battery life went to 4 hours 10 minutes. Yea, finally something I can live with . . . thanks for Zorin Pro Lite.


Sure the speed is quicker too...

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Yep, much faster. Everything opens faster and just works like it should. Makes me enjoy being being on my computer again. Certainly less frustrating . .

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With your experiences you want told me if choice Gnome or XFCE Then get a xfce.
Ok then i need efi partition , root partition and my question home is partiton for movies games and etc. or root taken this function? swap on ssd i wondering is useless because they are fast - swap option is for hibernating what i was reading.
Ok then on Zorin we have a couple DE xfce,gnome,cinnamon,kde,mate,budgie,lxqt,wayland.
Best from them all i understand is xfce but i reading with kde you can creating with desktop a mission impossible to your preferences. Budgie,lxqt i don't know if you can using on Zorin.

Here's my laptop partition on Pro Lite - it really works great now . . .

Ok. You going with fabric installation.

Yep, just staying simple to test for awhile. I'll reinstall later with home partition after I'm satisfied for a daily driver.

I bought ssd but i am wondering gnome or xfce which one from them is more stable if something could broken with packages or installations. Some standard using user personal pc. websides,movie,music,spotify and some games with steam or epic.

On another computer of mine with ssd I tried both and found that xfce had much better response time. Yep, it was a lot more stable with no lockups, lags or major bugs . . .

The next question is kernel i reading some old kernels have better connections with older hardware but newest kernel are for modern computers and have a better security. In Zorin when comes new kernel we cannot choice if we want older or newest. I remember my image.iso was kernel 5.11.0-41 now is 5.11.0-43
also i have fellings like to my gpu external always installing some drivers. Drivers are not installing once time? I know some updates are important to fix bugs or better security or for better compatibility with software and hardware. I really trying find a balance with linux. Example for me is annoying when some games working on this version proton or another things to working a game you need sometimes changing some things. Linux is simple but users linux i reading never gave up to resolve a problem. We are science to repairs whole cosmos all existing a people society with linux users.

sudo apt install tlp

this helped my battery life a LOT

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