Changing default file associations

What would be the easiest way to change default file associations from LIbreOffice to OnlyOffice?

Right-click a file, select "Open With Other Application", select "View All Applications", select the application you want to use, click "Select".


Thanks @Mr_Magoo. I know that will start the application but I want to make OnlyOffice the default for all of the filetypes that LibreOffice is the default for, so that if, for instance, I double-click on an excel file it will come up in OnlyOffice instead of LibreOffice. I found defaults.list and wondered if the only way or even the correct way to change those would be to go in and change all 71 entries for the different LibreOffice apps to the corresponding OnlyOffice app?

Oh wait, now I see. OnlyOffice was on the list so I didn't go into "Other". Now I see you can set whatever you select as the default.


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There is a quicker way;

go to Settings | Default Applications.

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Unfortunately that only allows setting default for Web, Mail, Calendar, Music, Video, and Photos.

If he is using Gnome you have very limited choices using Default Applications .... another reason I dislike Gnome and use Cinnamon DE much more choices ......

Oops! My bad!

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