Changing grub timeout

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Although I've seen a lot of methods online to change the Grub timeout to where it doesn't auto select an OS, I don't really feel comfortable going off of some guide from a couple years ago. So yeah, how exactly would I change it to where GRUB doesn't auto select a distro (waits for me to press instead of autoselecting one)?

Maybe change the time in Grub from 10 seconds to 300 (5 minutes), 600 (10)?

I'm unable to edit the file, as any time I click an arrow key to hover over a number while I'm in the edit mode, it just gives a letter A, B, C, or D, meaning I'm unable to edit the number. Here's a video of what I'm saying (ignore the background noise) 20211006_122715 I genuinely have no clue on what I'm supposed to do here to change the file so that I could input another number, I'm probably doing something wrong.

I cannot tell what is happening in the video because the camera pans away from the actions in GRUB_TIMEOUT at that moment.
If you enter into terminal

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Then arrow key down to the line, then right arrow key to the value, then backspace twice... enter in the new value- it should work.

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Oops, yeah I panned the camera at the wrong moment haha, bad timing, anyways, Screenshot from 2021-10-06 12-58-56 I end up changing the time to 5 min, click ^X, restart my computer, and the waiting time until it autoselects a distro remains the same. Although I use the sudo nano /etc/default/grub command again, it did end up saving the file, I restarted and the time didn't change. I decided to run "sudo update-grub" thinking it would work, rebooted, and was greeted with a black screen that wouldn't do anything. (BTW, if there aren't any ways to fix this, I wouldn't mind reinstalling Zorin.) None of the buttons do anything on that screen, including E.

Edit: I'm just going to reinstall.

Reinstalled and it worked. Seems I did something wrong earlier by accident.

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